Are you battling with your weight?

Are you asking yourself if your diet is balanced enough?

COMPLETE d-eat from RINGANA is a complete, flexible, compact and time saving meal to go that supplies your body with all the essential nutrients, but only has 200 kcals.

The smart formulation relies on vegan and natural protein sources from wholegrain rice, linseed, peas and sunflower seeds, and contains all of the essential amino acids.  In addition, it provides the best carbohydrates and roughage from guar bean and lemon fibre.  A full spectrum of vitamins and minerals from natural sources supplies the body with all of the important micronutrients, and provides the perfect proportions of Omega- 3 fatty acids from microalgae and Omega-6 fatty acids from thistle oil.

COMPLETE d-eat is a powder meal replacement drink that is quick and easy to prepare in the RINGANA glass shaker.  Prepared with 300ml water, the shake tastes natural mild and creamy; a deliberately neutral flavour.

£56 for 14 sachets (suggested 2 weeks supply).

Please email the studio to discuss your needs and to order COMPLETE d-eat.