A report summarising the thinking behind “Coming Back To Life” by Joanna Macy

Climate change ensures that we are beginning to wake up to a whole new relationship to our world, to ourselves and to each other. To be conscious in our world today is to experience pain. Pain for our wildlife and environment is the price of consciousness in a threatened and suffering world. Pain is our wake up call and we need to choose the version of reality we want to lie by:

“Our choice is to be in love or to be in fear. But to choose to be in love means to have a mountain inside of you, means you will feel another’s suffering inside your own body and you will weep. You will have no protection from the world’s pain because it will be your own.”

China Galland

Your senses are real; they connect you with your world; you can trust them. Sensations, emotions, intuitions, concepts all condition each other, each a way of apprehending the relationships that weave our world.

If the entire life of Planet Earth was collapsed into 24 hours, mammals appeared only 30 minutes ago. And when did we become human? Only one second ago. Humans are a very, very new species on Planet Earth. Your heartbeat is everyone’s heartbeat, that of the planet, and that of the universe. It’s time we realised our place.