Leafy Green Studio Classes are available online for a subscription of £50 per month.  There are usually 3 live classes per day to choose from.  During these classes, you will be taught your basic workout with bespoke teaching points to help you throughout.  You will be able to engage with your teacher during the class.  To subscribe, and for links to the classes, please email the studio.

"Molly,  these classes are brilliant - even better than normal cos so focussed and varied too and 3 on offer a day!  Just brilliant and I appreciate your skill even more.   Once I started attending classes, I  set up a standing order for the 1st of the month.    Many thanks,  amazing woman! "

Pat McKenna

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
9 am Footwork Flow Yoga
11 am Foam Roller Tai Chi Style
12.30 pm Raise Your Pulse Tai Chi Style
5.30 pm Foam Roller
6.30 pm Pilates Yogalates Flow Yoga Yin Yoga Yin Yoga
8 pm Yin Yoga

Class Descriptions


A series of strength exercises for muscles to support joints.

Flow Yoga

Strong stretches thrown together in sequence.

Yin Yoga

Long held stretches for the fascia within the body.


A combination of yoga stretches and Pilates conditioning.


A pre-choreographed class of Tai Chi, Yoga and Pilates.

Foam Roller

Postural and stability exercises on a 90cm foam roller.

Pilates with a Pole

Pilates principles are brought in to exercises using a pole (or broom handle) for precision.

Pilates Footwork

This class concentrates on the strength and dexterity of the feet using a cushion and a tennis ball.

Core Abs and Back

This a a short 10 minute class, fast paced and effective.  A must for strength.

Myofascial Release

Self massage - strong but effective - using a roller and a tennis ball.

Mudras and Yoga

Mudras are hand gestures used to enhance a pose or a feeling.  Try with simple postures.

Breathwork and yoga poses

There are many different ways to breathe.  This class explores how the breath technique can enhance a pose.

Pilates Band Work

Using the Pilates principles, we use an exercise band for precision and intensity.


We use tea towels rather than gliding discs to encourage more core work, more stability and more agility.  A fun workout.

Tai Chi Style

A combination of Tai Chi inspired sequences to encourage mobility and agility.

Raise your Pulse and React

A low impact cardiovascular class using punching, stamping, proprioception and mental agility.